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From: A.Thomas Perhacs



Dear Mind Force Practitioner,

There comes a time in everyone's life where they just need to know how to cope with the uncertainties of life!

If you are like I was, you often wonder if you can hang on...When I made the important decision to learn how to change from the inside out, it had an amazing impact on my life...

As you read every word on this page, I want you to reflect on how this information can transform your life, starting today...

Life Is a Series of Decisions->Are You Ready For One?”

Imagine what it would be like if you had total control over your life?

And I'm talking about that fantastic feeling that you are on your way to another great day of doing what you desire most...

If you could have control, what would you do?

Now Imagine what it will be like, when you wake up and know that every challenge, every obstacle can easily be handled, because you are now what I like to call-> a "Controller"

Becoming a Controller is Easy If You Know The 4 Secrets of Mind Force...

Not too long ago, I was like a lot of people, having trouble in almost every area of my life... I was scared and I didn't know what to do. I mean lets face it, when you are under 30 years old with 3 kids and your wife just asked you to leave, life is not that fantastic...

Wait until you find out what happened..It will blow your mind! Read on, and I'll tell you later on in this letter...

I was desperate for answers, and needed to know how to not only deal with my situation, but to overcome it and become a Champion...

Do you want to be a champion?

That picture I just painted is true...I was a young man with very little to look forward to, but that all changed when I learned some of the secrets I am about to share with you...

You see, I didn't just create this stuff out of thin air. I researched it, and travelled anywhere I could to find out the many uses of Mind Force...Now, I coined the term "Mind Force", but it came to me in many different forms of instruction over the years...

I've trained with some of the top people and that's why I have the unique set of skills that I now possess. The very same skills I'll teach you, if you want to learn them...

These are just some of the unique concepts, methods and techniques I've learned over the years.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Just Some of What I've Mastered Over The Years...

Several Different Styles of Martial Arts (Kung Fu, Chinese Boxing, Kenpo)

Became an Instructor in the Highly Secretive and Esoteric Art of Chi Power Training (I'm now part owner of the worlds most highly sought after instructional courses on chi energy).

Mastered Hypnotic Influence and Covert Persuasion Skills In Under one (1) Year, and Wrote my first book and course shortly after.

Learned and Mastered the Skills of Remote Viewing and Astral Projection ( I know it is weird, but this stuff rocks!)

Re-Discovered How to Establish My Own Sensitivity as It Relates To Psychic Energy

Was Taught The Real Methods To the Secrets of "The Law of Attraction" ( I wrote my book Magneto, 4 years before "The Secret" even came out)

So, as you can see, I'm not some "wannabee" guy who copied someone's course and put their name on it. In fact alot of the courses out there are written by guys who don't even use their real name...I'm real and will prove it to you...

Any questions just call me on my personal mobile phone-> 609-638-8850

So I've studied with some really cool guys that know stuff that 95% of the population aren't even aware exists, and now I'm willng to share them with you...

Why would I do that?

Because if there is one thing I have learned over the years, and that is when you are a giver, you will attract more abundance in your life than ever before, and I'm all about abundance...

So, if you knew that by giving someone something of value that you would get twice, three times or 10 times that amount in value, would you give that up?

That is why I want you to have this information...

Introducing, The Mind Force Library...

7 Powerful Books, That Each Teach a Piece of The Mind Force Puzzle...

The "Mind Force Library" is a collection of (7) Seven books that will help you to develop the overal confidence, skills, and methods to become a "Controller" of your life.

One promise I'll make to you, and that is, you will never find a better set of original books with the amount solid information at the price I command...Sure you'll find junk that has been given away on the Internet for years, but my stuff is the real stuff...

I challenge you to check it out for yourself....Here's what the library contains.

Book #1 Manipulation


Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence- $27

Taken from my personal notes, I place this book as one of the best reference manuals on how to Influence and persuade with power...

Recently updated, this masterful work will give you the skills needed to take your hypnotic techniques to a new level...

This book has been sold for as much as $47 by itself, and I may even decide to remove it from the library because of it's immense value...

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

Discover the concept of Hypnotic Distancing: Learn the six (6) covert influencing techniques to persuade at a distance, where time and space is not a limitation

Learn Mind Power Methods Used By The Master Mentalists: How to get into someone s head and get them to verify that your suggestion is the right suggestion

Adapt "The Persona": Generate the bold and confident attitude of a  Master Persuader

Unlock high velocity energy transmissions to get someone s attention: Invoke someone to do what you want, when you want.

Quadruple Your Rapport Skills: Build Rapport with someone new like they were an old, long lost friend

Bonding Tactics that work like magic: How to get people to Know You, Like You, and Trust you on the spot

Hypnotize & Influence Instantly: Exactly what it says!! Instant induction methods! Put the trance on so fast, the person won't even know they're under your influence!!

Close to 70 Suggestive Sentences: These are some of the most powerfully suggestive predicates that all of the most successful hypnotists use to influence with control.Easily worth the cost of the entire book

Stimulus Response Triggers and how to set them: Use this method to leave behind post hypnotic suggestions and triggers that will be a potent mechanism to recall the same state as when you originally hypnotized them.

Lose Weight, Earn More Money, Find Love: When you are the controller, anything is possible

Harnessing Your Voice as a Propulsion System: How creating a commanding  Power Voice will increase your ability to hypnotize exponentially

Use The Applied Transfixion Tactic: Five (5) super powerful ways to induce a trance like state within anyone at anytime

The Dominance of Autosuggestion: The 7 key ways to put yourself into a trance to create an even stronger trance in others

Applied Force Techniques: Advanced language patterns designed specifically to persuade and influence in any area

Instantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, Every time you use it....We call it "POWER MIND" (Advanced Concept)

How to guarantee your skills will work under "real conditions"!

Subliminal Influence at the Highest Level: Subliminal phrases that work so well you ll think you are cheating

Create your own techniques on the fly that will work every time)

Instantaneous Suggestibility: How to phrase things with a smoothness that generates instant suggestibility

Initiate a Conversation with presuppositions: Recognize why certain sentences presuppose an outcome that you design

Golden Key Method of Covert Persuasion: Using emotional language to get people to want what your offering

Mental Re-focusing Techniques: The one technique that ties someone s mind up so that you can gently place a command right in

And SO Much More...

Book #2 The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize


The 12 Devices That Almost Instantly Hypnotize- $17

Totally unique book. Nothing like it on the market.

You've probably heard about Hypnotic Spirals and Devices, but do you know how to use them?

This manuscript will show you in detail how to use these devices for use on yourself or others.

When I found this book, I knew There was something special about it. It transformed my skills over night.

Here's a little taste of what you'll discover.

Developing the intensity of your gaze

Mental Preparations for Hypnotism

Practice Autosuggestion

Build up your energy

How to Hypnotize easily

Reinforce the effect through suggestion

Utilize the "mirror" effect

Devices for developing a potent gaze

Using your hands as transmitters


Book #3 Hetero Hypnosis


Hetero Hypnosis: $17

Hetero Hypnosis is the study of how to hypnotize others.

This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills

Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Hypnosis.


Talk about power...Hetero Hypnosis contains insights into every imagninable form of Hypnosis. Included are how to conduct stage hypnosis. Here is just some of what you will learn.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

Rapid Induction Methods Guaranteed to Work

Hypnosis by Passes

Proper Instruction for Using a Pendulum

How to use Hypnodisks and Other Devices

Effective Methods for Use with a Metronome

How to do Sleep Hypnosis

Hypnosis for Pain

Drug Hypnosis

Picture Visualization

Sensormotor Methods

Fractionation Methods

Hand Levitation Method

Counting Techniques for Success

Non Verbal Suggestion Skills

How to Produce Anethesia During Hypnosis

Eye and Arm Catalepsy Methods

Magnetic Hands Method

Ideometor Methods

And Much, Much More.


And SO Much More...


Book #4 Mind Force Self Hypnosis Total Control Files


Mind Force Self Hypnosis Total Control Files: $17

Teaches several different methods of self hypnosis that you can use.

This one manual it could be the only reference you need for your hypnotic influence skills

Many books which cost twice as much as this or more contain less info than this dynamic study of Self- Hypnosis.


Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...


Discover Hypnosis Fact or Fiction?


Learn The Semantic Imagery Exercises


Learn The 10 Rules for Structuring Auto-Suggestions


Learn The 6 Rules for Appying Auto-Suggestions


Discover Trance Deepening Techniques Not Taught Elsewhere


How to Actually Test a Hypnotic Trance In Yourself and Others


How Emotional Behavior Plays a Role in Self Hypnosis


Discover The Concept of Neuro-Dynamics


Understanding Psychosomatic Disorders and How The Can Affect You


The 8 Powerful Rules of The Mind


How To Develop The Power of Your Creative Imagination


And Many More Usefull and Potent Techniques and Concepts

And SO Much More...

Book #5 Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal



Mind Force Meditation:Mind Portal-$17

I When I wrote "Mastery Through Meditation, I aluded to the concept of Remote Viewing, Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences.

These phenomenon are concepts understood by many that learn a meditative practice....

The question is how many actual become adept at getting these highly advanced techniques to work for them in a real way?

After several years, I created an updated version with much more detailed information on how to do Astral Travel, Remote Viewing and other sneaky skills.

I will tell you up front that the (3) CDs that come with the system are the key to getting this to work powerfuly, but I have included the manuscript/manual in this promotion to give you some ideas how to get these concepts to work effectively...

With my book, "Mind Portal", I show you the next level of techniques to use your energy with. The CDs go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

How to meditate properly and find out how to increase the power of your mind.

Act with certainty on how to create good new habits and get rid of old bad habits.

Programming the mind for success through meditation

Learn the hidden keys to true visualization skills

Activating the 3rd Eye Center for increased ability to "See" and "Know".

Harness the ability to gently lift your spirit out of your body

Over 15 different ways to get outside of your physical awareness

Shifting consciousness to propel you new worlds of comprehension

The little known methods of how to control your dreams and become truly "Lucid" in those dreams.

Bridging the gap between the physical and the spiritual

Learn the very secret methods of Remote Viewing that are rarely taught outside of certain groups

Increase your sensitivity skills to maximize your ability to read others feelings, thoughts and intentions.

Self Image programming that works like a charm

Creating and using a Chi Power Voice

Magnetic attraction concepts

And so much more thought provoking material to increase your abilities exponentially

Like all of my books, this one is unique........It covers material not covered in any of my other books.....Material until recently was only given out to my very best clients and students....

And SO Much More...


Book #6 Mind Force Psychic Power: Internal Power Centers


Mind Force Psychic Power:Internal Power Centers- $27

In the Fall of 2007, I created a manuscript for my ever popular course, Internal Power Centers and made it part of my Phenomenal Special.

Within one week, I sold more of this book than any other book I have ever created.

Everyone, and I do mean everyone that reads this book, absolutely loves it for the incredible amount of hard to find information contained inside its covers...

In this brand new book, I'll will show you exactly how you can:

Teach yourself and others how to accurately view the auras of people, plants, animals and other objects.

Learn how to naturally and effortlessly sense the energy around you and then interpret that energy to understand it's meaning.


Create an energetic lie detector. Know when someone is lying to you or telling the truth.

Build up the energy system with powerful meditations, breath training, mind stilling techniques and other esoteric energy producing methods

Learn the correct way to conduct mind to mind communication

Study the very same methods to increase receptivity that psychics and world renowned government Remote Viewers use

A telepathic method that is 100% more accurate than what is being taught by most so called "experts".

Gain pre-cognitive abilities that will allow you to transcend your reception towards the future or backwards into the past.

The truth behind ghosts, spirits and other entities and how you can keep your house "entity free"

The meaning of dreams and premonitions and how they can positively affect your life for the better

Learn the very secret methods of energy transmission from person to person or person to object and how you can transmit your energy into anyone or anything.

Amazing ways to pull stagnant energy out of family and friends

5 totally unique ways to defend yourself against psychic attack

What exactly are "Energy Vampires", and how do they effect your energy

How to protect your thoughts and dreams from intrusion by unwanted visitors.



And SO Much More...

Book #7 Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method


Mind Force Attraction: The Magneto Method- $17

Before the Secret ever was even a concept, I created a practical program to attract whatever you desire...

The techniques and concepts in this book have worked (and not worked, when applied wrong) for me over the last 10 years or so...

I will explain to you in great detail with many different and unique exercises, that will enable you to attract what it is you want like a heat seeking missile...

This book is by far on of my best works to date...

It was put together, so you can immediately use the strategies. I promise this will be one of the best books you have ever read and it is concise and to the point, with all the fluff burned right out of it...

Again, we here this stuff all the time, but how many people really know how to break it down so that it is no longer throwing darts at a board blindfolded, but a science of the mind that you can create the out comes you want and desire like clockwork........

As you consider this information, you are probably thinking you've already learned everything there is to learn or that maybe I'm full of it........And maybe I am, but guess what? You'll never have access to the power if you don't make a move for your own future.......

Let me be your guide.....Not because I am so wonderful, but because I know some really remarkable skills that I can assure will work for you if you are willing to invest a little time and effort on the single most important thing in your life.......Your Mental Abilities.....

Below is a list of all the tools you'll receive with this incredible book.

Here's just a taste of what you'll learn...

The 4 secrets ways to visualize your goals more powerfully

Increase your Internal Energy like a Human Dynamo: Power up with unique exercises and techniques used by top athletes, martial artists and health aficionados

Learn Advanced Mind Power Secrets: Gain a great understanding of how your mind really works and the way to get it to work for you, not against you.

Leveraging, Controlling and Redirecting Your Mind: True mind control is both physical and mental, learn how to get the leverage you need for total and complete control.

How to Target Your Goals & Objectives like a Marksman: Quit setting goals and start getting them with these effective strategies.


The 3 types of natural energy that allow you to supercharger your attraction mechanisms

Several unique methods of breathing made famous by Shoalin Monks, Yogis and other highly evolved practitioners.

The main difference between positive and negative Ion force and the 5 ways to determine how to use each in specific situations.

7 ways to sense vibrational energy to turn on the magneto for your goals

The correct way to use 7 different emotional ploys that allow you to jack up your attraction energy like a dynamo

The 9 mental impurities you must avoid at all costs and why almost 95% of the population don't succeed because of them.  The 5 big reasons why the past is not the doorway to your future

A surefire way to shrink your problems and challenges so they are insignificant

The amazing "Balloon Head" exercise that purges impure or negative thoughts like sending a rocket to the moon!

The Secrets to "Mental Fasting", and how you can use it to lose negative mental weight that holds most people back from achieving. 

The one amazing programming technique to control your emotional level at all times.

The 4 very important keys to attraction and the programming methods that get them to work effectively every time they are used.

Triple Your Ability to Visualize Yourself Earning More Income Than Ever Before: Experiencethe power of the "Income Generator" strategy to increase your earning potential exponentially.

Set a Total Trajectory of Success for Yourself: Whether it is to attract prosperity, romance, love, sex or health, Magneto has the answers.

Harness the Secret Weapon for Your Success: You will be amazed to find out the secret weapon for your success in all areas of your life.

Cultivate the Amazing Distribution Center of Wealth Exercise: This one exercise is worth the cost of the entire course, as it will prove to you that, you determine your future.


And SO Much More...

I'm giving you the secrets that would normally take you years just to compile...Here it is right at your finger tips...Each of these manuals cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars to learn in terms of time, effort, and all the money I spent on mentors and travelling where ever I had to to get this information...

This can be yours...

Now, I mentioned to you before that life was pretty bleak for me a while back and that even my kicked me out of the house... When you have 3 beautifu children, that is a hard reality to face...

Because of the skills I've learned, I changed and became a better person...

In fact, my wife and I got back together and I'm happy to say, we've been married over 20 years (I know hard to believe)...

I know longer live in a little apartment, but in a 4,500 square foot house with all the amenities like custom kitchen, work out room, media room, full size pool and jacuzzi...

Life can change when you use your mind...Life changes even quicker when you use the technology of "Mind Force"!

Life can change when you use your mind...Life can change quicker when you use

See What These Very Happy Customers Have To Say About My Products!

"Thank you so much!!! Just by skimming the book, I can already tell I got my moneys worth!!!! I can't wait to get started with it......Thank you again... " William W.

Order The Mind Force Library Today!

"I just want to say thanks for these products...

It is like I've been waiting my whole life for these techniques and I don't know if I'm ready, but I'm going to give it a try."




Access Your Wonderful Future Here...

"As far as I am concerned your products are right on target and will surely help any one that takes the time and believes that they will work.  I know from what I have done thus far that it has deffinately made a difference in my life."


Lucky Kruse, Florida


The Esoteric Secrets of The Mind Force Library Are Right Here...

"Is this a good value? holy crap! this is a great value. it is amazing! it has already enhanced my life, perception, and intent. It has also made my xing yi, bagua, and tai chi a hell of allot more meaningful and powerful and it has only been 2 days! thank you so much I cant wait to purchase more of your products. thank you so much!"


your friend and student Joseph Palermo, Ohio 


Get Results Today!

Maybe this was luck, maybe Manipulation.

I did the dumbest things ever. I wanted to see how fast I would launch 5.7 V8. I ended up doing 96kmh in an 80kmh zone. Only for a split second or so. The next thing, blue lights start to flash, oh no the cops, I am way over the speed limit no chance of getting out of this. In Australia they will fine you for going 82kmh in an 80 zone no excuses. Cops simply don't let people off. To make things worse, I did not have my drivers licences or any ID on me. Now I'm in trouble.

The police officer approached me, I stated "I am so sorry I never speed this wanted to see how fast it would accelerate for a few seconds, I was speeding a bit wasn't I" The officer stated, "Yep 96kmp in a 80 zone".

I then stated "This is the dumbest thing in my life, you've don't it before, you know you just want to plant your foot down and see the car accelerate for a few seconds, but your a careful driver. It's just one of those guy things that you do once every three or so months, so just let me go....

The police officer paused for two seconds as if something had registered in his brain and said"Yes I know what you are talking about please don't do it again, drive safely and have a good day". No ticket

I am not going to speed again.

Rodney D.

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Think and Grow Rich: What can I say other than this is one of the books that truly made a major impact on my success in life. This one, you will want to read over and over, because it has so much valuable information that is priceless!

The Science of Getting Rich: Another common sense guide to put yourself on the road to riches. This books was written in 1910, but the concepts still work in the 21st Century.

The Richest Man in Babylon: Here you have a guide to teach you how to handle your money properly. Told in a very easy to read narrative, this is another time-less classic you should not be without.

Sun Tzu's Art of War: The Ultimate Strategy guide. Can be used for business or any areas of your life. Remember the movie Wall Street with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen? This was the book, Gordon Gecko (Douglas) suggested Bud (Sheen) read on how to become a major player in business.

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Mind Force Psychic Energy-Internal Power Centers


Mind Force Meditation- Mind Portal


Mind Force Attraction- Magneto Method


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